The Academy High School staff evaluate learners on both:

Content - based upon standards set forth by the state, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Critical Skills - essential skills for success identified by the staff

These skills are measured by evaluating learners on a learning matrix, assigning letter grades, and maintaining a learner managed digital portfolio with their best created works throughout high school.


Learning Matrix

Within the learning matrix, learners are evaluated on the following 5 stages:

Developing – a learner is in the process of building your understanding of a concept.

Proficient - a learner has a basic understanding of a concept and can complete the task at hand and are working towards greater understanding.

Advanced - a learner has a deeper understanding of a concept and can apply your knowledge in new situations.

Distinguished - a learner has a deep understanding of a concept and can connect your understanding in unique and creative ways.

Not Evident – a learner has not completed the assignment.


Critical Skills

The diagram below illustrates the different dimensions of critical skills for success.