Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI), the founding corporate partner with Plano ISD Academy High School, has had a strong, collaborative partnership with Plano ISD and Plano ISD Education Foundation for many years. TI’s Education Technology and DLP® businesses have worked with the district for technology integration over the past 12 years, by including graphing hardware and software; assessment systems; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum; professional development and 3D projectors powered by DLP technology into instructional programs.

At the new academy, Plano ISD and TI will continue to work together to create, expand and maintain a variety of programs to broaden educational curriculum and resources for students. The school will have access to TI’s latest developmental products as a “beta site”, and (in addition to its initial investment of $5 million) TI will encourage employee involvement as volunteers and mentors.

The project-based curriculum of Plano ISD Academy High School is grounded in STEM plus the arts (STEAM). The partnership aligns with TI’s advocacy at a national level and the company’s commitment to supporting effective programs in its local communities that can be replicated elsewhere. Over the past five years, TI and the Texas Instruments Foundation have invested more than $150 million in education. TI’s support of education dates back to the company’s founders, and the company has been in the education technology business for more than 40 years. Please read more about TI’s support of education and communities.

Plano ISD Education Foundation

Texas Instruments has signed on as our Founding Sponsor Partner through a 5-year, $5 million support commitment. We are actively seeking additional corporate sponsors.

Our corporate partners’ continued dedication to the community will be exemplified through a living model of learning at the academy. These relationships will establish our corporate partners as a leading force in advancing the platform for public education regarding innovation in learning, use of technology and the role of the corporate citizen in its community.

The support of this academy will fortify a company’s commitment to improving the lives of children, while helping these students acquire the needed skills to achieve their full potential. Working together, we will be developing, expanding and maintaining a variety of programs to support and broaden educational curriculum and resources for students. This academy is but one example of the power of collaboration toward the mutual purpose of creating innovative and rigorous learning environments while developing a stronger workforce.

The launch of the academy will provide the opportunity to involve corporate citizens in the student academic environment and invite students into business facilities creating a mutually enriching and meaningful learning relationship.

For more information on how to become a partner of Plano ISD Academy H.S., contact, Jeanine Alpert, Executive Director of Plano ISD Education Foundation.