Sense of Self

The Academy learner is ready to take on challenges and problems with enthusiasm
and integrity.


Adaptable to change and prepared to work with other students, facilitators, businesses, colleges, and the community.


Willing to care for personal learning and growth and interested in taking ownership of the school.



The Academy learner has the ability to work independently on challenging tasks.


Willing to research, use resources to find creative solutions, and apply critical thinking to multiple projects.


Appreciates a trial and error approach to learning and willing to be a risk-taker



The Academy learner is willing to actively assist, partner, lead, debate, and defend ideas.


Treats others with tolerance, genuine concern for well-being, and displays responsibility in an unstructured environment


Willing to listen to all points of views in order to reach a solution and enjoys an environment that is diverse with a broad range of viewpoints and experiences



The Academy learner desires to be a part of a community.


Willing to develop communication skills, as oral presentations will occur in most projects, and be prepared to use technology daily

Knows They are the Future

Embraces opportunities to work in “real world” settings, interested in the world around them, and enjoys serving the community