Max Diener is a Plano native, and a graduate of Plano West Senior High School (Wolfpack!). Max meandered through several potential majors while in undergrad at SMU, eventually landing in Management Science in the Lyle School of Engineering, along with a Business Minor. After graduation, he worked in Consulting, specifically in a Data Analytics practice within a large firm. While the work was interesting, the weekly travel soon grew old, and Max looked for new opportunities. Recognizing that what he enjoyed most about his work in consulting were his opportunities to train and coach others, he began to think about a career in teaching. More specifically, he recognized that it was his courses in the liberal arts that really helped equip him for the kind of critical thinking that was crucial to success in the business world, which makes his role as the 4th year Government facilitator all the more exciting.   He spent a year working at SMU with student organizations, helping students to set goals and develop visions for their organizations. Max is excited to bring that mentoring experience to the Academy, where he will work with 4th years on their Capstone projects. Max and his wife Hannah just bought a house in Richardson, which they look forward to filling with children and cats. Probably not in that order.

Max Diener,
Facilitator, 12th Government and Capstone