While AHS does not offer AP courses, we do make AP exams available to our learners who have prepared to take one or more AP exams.  Below is basic information regarding AP exams.  If you have questions regarding AP exams, please contact your learner’s counselor.

What are AP exams?

AP (Advanced Placement) exams are offered through Collegeboard to high school students.  Typically, but not always, these students are enrolled in AP courses as part of their high school programming.  They are subject specific.  For a listing of AP exams, visit https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse

Why do learners take AP exams?

Most learners take AP exams with the goal being college credit.  Universities offer college credit for courses if a certain score is earned on an AP exam.  The exams are scored 1-5.  A university may offer credit for a 3, but may require a score of 5 to earn credit.  This varies from university to university and from exam to exam.  It is the learner’s responsibility to check with their potential university to see what it’s requirements are and how the university recognizes credit earned through an AP exam.  Taking an AP exam in no way ensures that a learner will earn college credit nor does it ensure that a learner will not need to take a course while enrolled at a university.

Should a learner take an AP exam?

This is definitely a personal decision.   Learners who are successful on AP exams have spent much time preparing for the exam throughout the year.

When are AP exams administered?

Collegeboard determines when AP exams are given and these dates are national testing dates.  They are typically given the first two weeks in May.  The calendar is available at the Collegeboard website.

How much does an AP exam cost?

Each year the price of an AP exam changes but is usually about $95.00.  Collegeboard and state subsidies determine the price each year.  This is a non-refundable fee.  Fees for 2018 AP exams will be $94 each.  Students that are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program qualify for a reduced fee of $10 per exam.

How does a learner prepare for an AP exam?

Learners are expected to prepare for their selected AP exam/s on their own.  There are online resources available to assist in that preparation as well as resources at the Collegeboard website.

How does an AP exam affect a learner’s high school transcript?

An AP exam score does not show on a learner’s high school transcript.  The only record of an AP exam score lies with Collegeboard and the learner.  The exam grade does not affect the high school GPA either.  How a university credits the AP exam score varies from university to university.  The learner must send their AP exam score to their university.

How does a learner register for an AP exam?

Learners may register for an AP exam through paypams or pay for their exam in check made out to Academy High School and turned in to the Counseling office by the announced due date.  If payment for an exam is not received by the stated due date, an exam will not be ordered for the learner.  A learner is registered to take an AP exam when payment has been received.  Registration occurs between February and March each year.  Deadlines for registration will be shared via enews and CANVAS messages to learners.